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The 3 Thyroid Warning Signs

Do you feel dog-tired, pooped out, run-down, or wiped out more than you’d like? Have you recently gained a few extra pounds?

Of course, fatigue and weight gain have many causes. But for millions of Americans — perhaps even you — that sluggish feeling and pesky weight gain could be related to a thyroid gland that’s not functioning at an optimal level.

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According to renowned holistic physician David Brownstein, M.D., a majority of adults suffer from suboptimal thyroid function.

This tiny gland impacts every aspect of your health, most particularly your weight, energy level, and mood. And to function correctly, your thyroid requires a sufficient amount of iodine.

If you suffer from iodine deficiency issues, you’re not alone. In fact, Dr. Brownstein and his medical partners have examined more than 6,000 patients and found that over 95% of them are deficient in iodine.

“The vast majority of doctors don’t test for this common problem, so most people have no idea they are deficient in iodine,” says Dr. Brownstein, medical editor of the popular Newsmax newsletter Dr. Brownstein’s Natural Way to Health.

Dr. Brownstein considers his findings so important he has just released a video presentation about this tiny “butterfly” gland in your neck.

And in this video, he’ll give you a number of simple and natural strategies to help you perk up your thyroid — and prevent or even reverse that annoying lack of energy. Click Here to Watch the Video Presentation.

In this video presentation, Dr. Brownstein reveals his secrets to a healthy thyroid and the two primary reasons why most Americans are deficient in iodine.

You’ll also learn how everyday food can distort the results of commonly used thyroid hormone tests such as the TSH test.

“Iodine molecules actually comprise part of your thyroid hormone chemical structure so they are critical to its proper functioning,” says Dr. Brownstein.

SPECIAL VIDEO: 3 Thyroid Warning Signs

In addition to increasing iodine levels, Dr. Brownstein suggests anybody concerned with their thyroid health should follow his easy to implement tips and strategies to help right now.

In this presentation, he’ll teach what you SHOULD and SHOULDN’T be eating if you have thyroid health concerns. He’ll also expose common myths about iodized salt and other “healthy” foods wreaking havoc on your thyroid.