Over 40? Don’t miss your chance to discover the New Scientific Breakthrough for successful aging that makes one renowned medical doctor confess . . .

By S.A. Nickerson

Special Health Correspondent

Dear health-savvy friend,

If you’re over 40 or 50 . . .

If you sometimes wake up feeling tired, grumpy, and old before your time . . .

If you feel yourself being sucked in by ads or commercials telling you how some product or procedure will flood you with more life and vitality . . .

Don’t do anything — until you see the breakthrough in aging science in this letter. Because it could be your key to enjoying a vigorous, healthy life for many years to come (and save you from wasting boatloads of cash, too).

And, by the way, this scientific finding has nothing to do with the exploding anti-aging industry, valued at an astounding $261.9 BILLION in 2013.

Let me explain . . .

Recently, I got to talk to Russell Blaylock, M.D., a renowned former neurosurgeon turned natural health advocate.

He’s been called a medical maverick for trying to help as many folks as possible stay healthy and happy — and out of our crazy, mixed-up, messed-up healthcare system.

Dr. Blaylock is quite passionate about natural health, and that’s no understatement.

He admits he’s no spring chicken himself (though you’d never guess his age based on his energy level). Yet he’s adamantly opposed to this cultural trend called “anti-aging.” The whole anti-aging industry, he told me, is a big bunch of baloney.

“You know why?” he asked me. “Just think about it. If you’re not aging, you’re no longer among the living. So you don’t want to be against aging.”

“And you certainly don’t need all those potions, pills, creams, injections, and even surgeries they want to push on you. The whole anti-aging bandwagon has one goal — they want to scare you about growing old just to take a big wad of your hard-earned money.”

Instead, Dr. Blaylock recommends you forget about anti-aging, and the age you see on your driver’s license. Make the aging process your friend, not your foe. What’s most important is how you feel from the inside out . . .

Forget the Anti-Aging Craze —
Embrace ‘Successful Aging’ Instead

Gerontologists — those who study aging for a living — have a concept called successful aging. It’s defined as your physical, mental, and social well-being in later life. In other words, your overall quality of life during your older years.

Of course, your idea of successful aging might be different from mine, or even Dr. Blaylock’s, for that matter.

But I’d bet dollars to doughnuts you’d agree with me on this: Your physical well-being is the solid foundation you need for successful aging.

After all, without your health, how could you:

  • Enjoy spending time with your family and friends — social activities, golfing, even church services . . .
  • Keep up with the rug rats who come to visit you . . .
  • Take those “bucket list” trips with the love of your life . . .
  • Enjoy many more years of youthful energy, vitality, and mental sharpness . . .
  • And just feel pretty darned good about yourself when you get up in the morning, ready to face your day . . .

And while the mainstream media hasn’t emphasized the importance of the scientific finding you’re about to see, Dr. Blaylock wants to make sure YOU know about it.

Why? Because it’s the primary factor underlying your ability to maintain a vigorous, healthy life — as long as possible into old age.

One of the researchers who conducted the groundbreaking study says it’s the way your body can actually predict successful aging. Why? Because this little-known factor likely drives the aging process itself.

And believe me, it’s not some vague pie-in-the-sky concept. In fact, you can measure it with simple, inexpensive bloodwork your doctor can order. (You may have to ask your doctor to run this easy test, though. You’ll get the details you need shortly.)

First, to lay the groundwork, you need a little background . . .


Russell Blaylock, M.D., practiced conventional medicine as a board-certified neurosurgeon for nearly 30 years. After watching both his parents die from neurodegenerative disorders that could not be helped by mainstream treatment, he began to research safe and effective natural cures. He is the author of several popular books on nutrition and wellness, and medical editor of the Newsmax Health monthly newsletter The Blaylock Wellness Report. He is a member of the international board of the World Natural Health Organization, and serves on the editorial staff of the Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association.

What the Japanese Can Teach Us
About Aging and Longevity

While the U.S. doesn’t even make the top 10, Japan has the highest healthy life expectancy in the world.

This intrigues Dr. Blaylock, who has spent decades studying the research behind certain diets and the use of specific nutrients and natural remedies which prevent health concerns in the first place.

He understands why the Japanese stay so healthy and live so long. After all, they eat more fish and vegetables, less sugar, and fewer processed foods. They drink green tea loaded with antioxidants, and eat smaller portions — no “super-sizing.”

Maintaining health throughout life is important to the Japanese, who have a deeply-rooted fear of what they call boke — referring to a condition of dependent old age.

Boke indicates not only frailty and physical decline, but also a lack of energy and an inability to play a useful part in society. For the Japanese, their worst fear is becoming a burden to their family in their later years.

With all this in mind, it may not surprise you to hear that the answer to the aging puzzle came from studies performed on Japanese centenarians.

The One Critical Thing Centenarians Do Differently

A collaboration of Japanese and British scientists studied data from three prior Japanese community-based studies of centenarians and even supercentenarians. (Supercentenarians are considered the “old-old,” those over 110 years.)

The researchers aimed to identify biological factors that best predicted successful aging, particularly at extreme old age.

What was it about centenarians that helped them remain independent longer, with less cognitive and physical decline?

Scientists looked at many factors — and they were surprised by what they found.

The specific factor predicting successful aging was the level of body INFLAMMATION .

Professor Thomas von Zglinicki, who led the British part of the study (published in 2015 in eBioMedicine), had this to say:

“This study, showing for the first time that inflammation levels predict successful aging even in the extreme old, makes a strong case to assume that chronic inflammation drives human aging.”

This is so important, let’s restate it in plain language.

Older Folks Who Maintain Lower Levels of Inflammation
Help Their Bodies Age More Successfully

If you are like most people, you might think of inflammation as something affecting your joints. Like when you overuse a muscle or lift something you shouldn’t. That’s when you might feel pain, stiffness, or even the heat of inflammation.

But your joints are just one small piece of fuel in what Dr. Blaylock calls the “smoldering fire” of inflammation.

And let’s be clear — a certain level of inflammation is a good thing. You need it for good health, for cell and tissue repair.

But for many reasons (including merely growing older), the process frequently goes haywire.

Why Maintaining a Proper Inflammatory Balance Is Important

Inflammation is a natural process, which takes place at the cellular level. Balanced inflammation levels provide an important way for our body to repair itself on a daily basis.

That’s why it’s important to help maintain a proper inflammatory response as we age.

Unfortunately, the aging process conspires against all of us. Especially as you hit middle age or beyond.

So what’s the answer?

As you will see momentarily, improving antioxidant activity in the body is an important way to support healthy aging by balancing inflammation. And promoting a proper inflammatory response supports your whole body — including your cardiovascular and brain health.

Which of These 12 Aging Concerns Do YOU Have?

  • Middle-aged or older
  • Poor diet — eating sugar, junk foods, and processed foods
  • Chronic stress
  • Overweight, particularly belly fat
  • Don’t get enough exercise
  • Poor sleep or snoring
  • Less-than-ideal dental or gum health
  • Mood problems
  • Imbalance in sex hormones
  • Blood sugar less than optimal
  • Drinking too much alcohol
  • Smoking

Dr. Blaylock Considers Inflammation the
‘Ground Zero’ of Health Concerns

Science has linked inflammation to many adverse outcomes when it comes to health. That’s why Dr. Blaylock considers it to be the “ground zero” of health concerns.

So he scoured the medical literature looking for natural ways to promote and support inflammatory balance.

Here are some of his simple tips to help you manage and optimize your own inflammation response:

  • Drop those extra pounds. People with excess visceral or belly fat have higher levels of pro-inflammatory chemicals.
  • Boost your mood and minimize your stress. Try yoga, counseling, or relaxation therapy.
  • Don’t smoke — and drink alcohol lightly or not at all.
  • Get moving. Exercise has powerful effects in reducing inflammation. But don’t overdo it: Intense workouts can cause inflammation to spike.
  • Get 7 to 9 hours of good-quality sleep per night.
  • Brush and floss your teeth regularly. Poor oral hygiene, particularly gum issues, contributes to inflammation.
  • When it comes to diet, decrease your sugar intake and munch on lots of vegetables and fruits. In fact . . .

Eat an Entire Rainbow

Eat your fruits and vegetables, just like Mom used to tell you. And eat a full rainbow-colored complement of them — red, green, orange, yellow, purple.

That’s because fruits and vegetables are chock-full of antioxidants nutrients.

Here’s why antioxidants are so important:

You’ve heard of free radicals — tiny unstable particles that damage or even destroy your cells and DNA. Scientists call this process oxidative stress. And unfortunately, this oxidative stress from the accumulation of free radicals has been shown to increase with aging.

You also accumulate more free radicals merely from your own metabolism working on a day-to-day basis, as well as from other sources.

These sources include sunlight, pollution, junky food, and bad habits like smoking and drinking. Many things produce these damaging free radicals.

When it comes to inflammation, studies show that free radicals initiate and perpetuate the inflammatory process.

That’s why you need a plentiful daily supply of antioxidants. They circulate inside your body, gobbling up the free radicals whose mission is to attack your cells and create an inflammatory imbalance.

So how do you get these all-important antioxidants?

In addition to dietary antioxidants, we all have an internal antioxidant system. Unfortunately, as the years pass, this system becomes less effective.

And when it comes to diet, studies show that many older people consume less than the government-recommended levels of fruit and vegetables.

Dr. Blaylock’s recommendations take it even further. He advises you to eat 10 servings of nutrient-dense vegetables each day for optimal health! If you are not particularly fond of front-loading your diet with vegetables, this may not come as good news.

The point is, if you are in an older age group, you are more likely to fall victim to an antioxidant shortfall.

Older Adults Consume Fewer Dietary Antioxidants

Research tells us that older adults tend to get fewer antioxidants in their diet. One study published in 2015 in Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity found that older adults consumed the lowest amounts of antioxidants and flavonoids when compared to younger study subjects. (Flavonoids are one class of antioxidants.)

This was the challenge facing Dr. Blaylock as he learned about the latest advancements in nutrition and inflammation.

Now, Dr. Blaylock is a realist. He knows that most people could use an inflammation-balancing nutritional boost as they grow older. And since those folks who maintain lower levels of inflammation age more successfully, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

To this end, Dr. Blaylock developed ADVANCIN®.

Imagine Flooding Your Cells With Inflammation‑Slaying
Antioxidants, Enzymes, and Nutrients

The solution Dr. Blaylock developed is called ADVANCIN.

The exclusive ADVANCIN formula provides a simple, easy way to increase your daily intake of critical antioxidants. It contains not one or two, but eight separate ingredients that help fight free radical damage at the cellular level — and promote a proper inflammatory response.

Along with supporting a healthy lifestyle, ADVANCIN helps promote healthy aging and vitality.

This comprehensive and supercharged ADVANCIN formula:

  • Promotes proper inflammatory response throughout the entire body
  • Fights free radical damage at the cellular level
  • May help fight premature aging related to oxidative stress
  • May help support normal blood flow
  • Supports heart and brain health
  • Helps support healthy lipid (cholesterol) levels already in the normal range

Should You Get a CRP Test for Inflammation?

When you go in for an exam, your doctor may order a CRP (C-reactive protein) test. If not, you may want to request it. This simple and relatively low-cost blood test checks for inflammation. Most doctors use the CRP test as a screening measure for heart health. However, the test cannot tell your doctor specifically where the inflammation is in your body. The good news is that the CRP test is very useful as a general measure of body-wide inflammation.

What Type of Nutrients Does It Take to Put Out a Fire?

All the powerful ingredients in ADVANCIN work together synergistically to fight inflammation, provide antioxidant support, and promote the health of your organs — including your heart and brain.

Before you hear about the specific ingredients in Dr. Blaylock’s advanced formula ADVANCIN, you should know — most of them are powerful antioxidants.

There are literally thousands of different antioxidants, including certain vitamins and phytochemicals (plant chemicals). Among the phytochemicals, compounds called flavonoids and polyphenols have demonstrated potent action against free radicals.

Dr. Blaylock knows that not all antioxidants are created equal, and certain antioxidants excel at fighting certain types of free radicals (or work better under certain conditions).

That’s why he hand-picked all eight of the antioxidants and nutrients you will find in ADVANCIN:

Ingredient #1: Resveratrol

  • Resveratrol is a much-studied polyphenol antioxidant most commonly found in red wine and grapes. (You’ve probably heard of the healthful benefits of red wine.)
  • Supports the body’s healthy inflammatory response.
  • Provides support for the cardiovascular system, including blood vessels and blood flow.

Ingredient #2: Quercetin

  • Quercetin belongs to the flavonoid group providing antioxidant support for free radical scavenging.
  • Quercetin promotes heart health, and may help mediate the inflammatory response.
  • Has a synergistic effect when combined with resveratrol, so health-conscious people often use quercetin together with resveratrol.

Ingredient #3: Vitamin C

  • Provides antioxidant benefits to fight free radical damage and provide inflammatory support.
  • Supports heart health together with overall body health.
  • According to the Linus Pauling Institute, vitamin C is one of your body’s primary or first-line antioxidants, defending key molecules in the body, such as nucleic acids (DNA and RNA), from damage by free radicals.
  • Unfortunately, unlike most mammals and other animals, humans are unable to make vitamin C. This means you must obtain an adequate amount by diet and supplementation.

Ingredient #4: Hesperidin

  • This citrus flavonoid compound helps promote inflammatory balance in conjunction with its radical-scavenging antioxidant properties.
  • Research suggests that hesperidin supports heart health and normal blood flow.
  • Several key studies have shown that the antioxidant properties of flavonoids such as hesperidin result from their ability to inhibit the activity of certain chemicals such as pro-inflammatory cytokines.

Ingredient #5: Chamomile Extract (Apigenin)

  • Promotes diverse antioxidant effects throughout the body.
  • Chamomile is one of the most ancient healing herbs known to mankind, used for nearly 5,000 years in tea and other forms to promote tranquility, vitality, youthful appearance, and longevity.
  • Scientists have found the flavonoid apigenin to be one of the most bioactive constituents of chamomile.

Ingredient #6: Luteolin

  • Luteolin is a type of flavonoid antioxidant found in plants such as green peppers and celery.
  • Luteolin’s antioxidant properties show evidence of improving cell life while reducing oxidative stress-induced damage in the cells.
  • Multiple studies are currently underway to study the possible effects of luteolin on inflammation, and on specific cells of the body such as immune system cells.

Ingredient #7: Bromelain

  • Bromelain is a plant enzyme derived from pineapple stems.
  • Helps modulate inflammation in the body.
  • Bromelain may also help support normal blood flow.

Ingredient #8: Green Tea Extract

  • This extract from the much-loved Japanese beverage contains antioxidant polyphenols that support heart health and normal blood lipids.
  • Tea polyphenols have been shown to produce reductions in the inflammation biomarker CRP in human clinical studies.
  • Researchers believe the health properties of green tea are mainly due to its polyphenol antioxidants. EGCG is the most studied polyphenol component in green tea and the most active.

I think you would agree — ADVANCIN promotes successful aging by providing excellent antioxidant protection and supporting a proper inflammatory response.

And here’s the best news . . .

Try ADVANCIN for 30 Days With a Risk-Free Trial — (This Special Introductory Offer Good Only for First-Time Users)

Dr. Blaylock


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Baseball pitcher Satchel Paige made his major league debut at age 42. He once famously asked, “How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were?”

So how old do YOU feel?

The anti-aging industry wants you to judge age by the physical attributes you see in the mirror. But now Dr. Blaylock has shown you the research on how to age successfully — from the inside out — by helping to balance your body’s inflammatory response.

It doesn’t take much effort on your part to help douse this fire. Because right now, you have a 30-day trial supply of ADVANCIN reserved in your name, just to get you started. And the sooner, the better.

Now it’s time for you to decide.

You can rest easy knowing you now have the power to flood your body’s cells with Mother Nature’s powerful antioxidant nutrients and promote proper healthy inflammatory response — no matter your age.

What Satisfied ADVANCIN Users Tell Us*

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Women’s Health called inflammation “The enemy inside you . . . It’s the most important health problem you’ve never heard of — one that can simmer inside your body for decades.”

Prevention Magazine reported: “Chronic inflammation is . . . largely undetectable, unless you can convince your doctor you need a special blood test to look for it.”

From the prestigious Cleveland Clinic: “Here’s the problem with inflammation: Over time, you can end up with too much of a good thing. With chronic inflammation, your body is on high alert all the time. This prolonged state of emergency can cause lasting damage to your heart, brain, and other organs.”

Say ‘NO’ to Inflammation — Click Here Now!

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