62% of Older Adults “Fail the Test” When It Comes to This Essential Mineral

Renowned cardiologist warns of impact
on heart rhythm and blood pressure

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A highly respected cardiologist is spreading the word about a blunder unwittingly made by well over half of older Americans.

A big “fail” that impacts heart health, heart rhythm, and blood pressure — and over 325 other bodily processes.

Chauncey Crandall, M.D., practices interventional, vascular, and transplant cardiology. He has conducted a number of clinical trials and published his research in prestigious medical journals.

And now he wants to tell you about a simple way to fix this heart-impacting blunder.

What Nobody Ever Told You About the “Miracle Mineral”

While most people know about the mineral calcium, they often don’t know that magnesium is just as crucial.

It’s easy to see why magnesium is considered an essential mineral once you realize it helps regulate:

  • Overall heart function
  • Heart rhythm and blood pressure
  • Muscle and nerve function
  • Blood glucose control and cellular energy
  • And much more

In a nutshell, while calcium contracts your muscles, magnesium helps relax them.

And although you probably think of muscles as those tissues attached to your skeleton, you also have critical muscles in your heart and your blood vessels! In fact, your heart does more physical work than any of your muscles over your lifetime.

That’s why magnesium is so vital to support cardiovascular health.

Today, researchers are coming out of the woodwork to study magnesium, often called the “miracle mineral”.

Unfortunately, there’s a BIG problem . . .

You’re Likely Low in Magnesium Without Realizing It

A large-scale government survey found that a whopping 62% of those over 50 consumed less than the minimum requirement for dietary magnesium.

However, if you’re in this group, just realize this blunder is NOT your fault.

The Office of Dietary Supplements, a branch of the National Institutes of Health, cites multiple reasons why growing older impacts your magnesium levels:

  1. Older adults consume less dietary magnesium than their younger counterparts.
  2. With age, your GI tract’s ability to absorb magnesium slows down.
  3. Your kidneys excrete even more magnesium with age.
  4. Aging adults are more apt to have less-than-optimal overall health.
  5. Seniors are more likely to take medications that could burn off their body’s store of magnesium.

And that’s not all . . .

If you love coffee or drink alcoholic beverages, you should know that both caffeine and alcohol deplete magnesium stores due to their diuretic effects.

Plus, modern food processing has systematically stripped away much of the nutritional content from foods, including minerals such as magnesium.

And with our busy schedules and demanding lives, most of us eat too much processed food with poor nutritional value.

Of course, you should eat as many magnesium-rich foods as possible, like leafy green vegetables. Yet even with a healthy diet, it’s nearly impossible to consume ALL the magnesium you need from diet alone.

To get the recommended 400 milligrams of magnesium per day, you’d need to eat:

  • 16 cups of broccoli
  • 12 bananas
  • Or 2 ½ cups of boiled spinach

Who could do that?

That’s why Dr. Crandall took matters into his own hands and formulated ARTERIN®.

The Simple Solution to Advanced Heart Health Support

The superstar combination of nutrients in ARTERIN is based on Dr. Crandall’s decades of patient treatment and clinical research.

With 5 hand-picked ingredients, ARTERIN provides advanced natural support for overall heart health, heart rhythm, and blood pressure.

Magnesium: Superstar of This
Heart-Healthy Formula

You’ve already heard about your body’s critical need for magnesium. Dr. Crandall considers magnesium to be a critical cardiac nutrient.

A study reported in the American Heart Journal followed 13,922 middle-aged adults. The research concluded that magnesium levels correlate directly with overall heart health.

Another study, published in the American Journal of Cardiology, found that adequate magnesium levels were associated with normal heart rhythm.

And in 2012, a study in European Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that magnesium supports stable blood pressure.

So you’ll find nearly two full grams of magnesium in a daily dose of ARTERIN — in a form that’s easy on your stomach and highly bioavailable.

That’s because Dr. Crandall combined the magnesium in ARTERIN with malic acid for stability and added benefits.

Malic Acid for Heart and Body

Malic acid is found naturally in apples and other foods. It has numerous benefits in digestion, detoxification, metabolism, and cellular energy production. In combination with magnesium, malic acid may also support muscular comfort.

When it comes to heart health, a recent study published in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine found that malic acid promotes heart health.

With its combination of magnesium and malic acid, ARTERIN uses the patented dimagnesium malate form of magnesium from Albion®, world leader in mineral amino acid chelate nutrition. Chelates are special forms of minerals that optimize absorption.

Niacin Matters to Heart Health

ARTERIN also includes niacin, an important B vitamin.

Like magnesium, niacin promotes cardiovascular health. It also supports cognitive function, nervous system and digestive function, and cellular energy production.

As with magnesium, it’s likely you don't get enough niacin in your diet.

Your body has a constant need for niacin, a water-soluble vitamin that is not stored. Any excess is excreted in your urine, so it must be replenished daily.

However, if you've ever taken niacin pills, you may have experienced the unpleasant sensation of a niacin flush — a burning feeling, mainly in the face, neck, and upper body.

This flush is less likely to happen when you take ARTERIN.  That's because the 500 milligrams of niacin (as niacinamide) per daily dose of ARTERIN is delivered in a flush-free sustained release formula released gently into your bloodstream.

There’s much more to this powerful heart health formula . . .

Vitamin B6 for Heart Health

To further boost the cardiac support from ARTERIN,  Dr. Crandall added 5 milligrams of vitamin B6. That gives you 250% of the recommended daily value.

Keeping vitamin B6 levels in the normal range is important: Research suggests that adequate levels of vitamin B6 may support cardiovascular health.

The prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) reported a study involving 80,082 women over a 14-year period. The results suggest that intake of vitamin B6 above the current recommended dietary level can support heart health among women.

One reason vitamin B6 may support heart health is that it impacts levels of homocysteine, an amino acid in the blood linked to heart health concerns.

Vitamin B6 also supports immune and brain function, and plays a role in metabolism.

As with all B vitamins, B6 is water-soluble, meaning your body does not store it and requires a continuous supply.

Get a Boost of Heart-Loving Folate

ARTERIN also contains a little extra boost of folate, another essential B vitamin. Those who eat a poor diet may consume less folate than their body needs.

Folate research demonstrates this vitamin has beneficial effects on cardiovascular health and blood pressure.

Like vitamin B6, folate also supports heart health by promoting normal levels of homocysteine.

ARTERIN uses a patented form of folate called Quatrefolic®, providing improved bioavailability.

Now you understand the need to supplement your diet with certain key nutrients for a healthier heart. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to judge for yourself how well ARTERIN works.

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