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“Rotten Gut Syndrome” is sweeping across the country, reaching epidemic levels. If you’ve got gas, bloating, or
tummy pain, chances are . . . you’re already affected.

Now there’s new hope . . .

Keep reading to discover the amazing life-restoring breakthrough
every man and woman over 50 should be using to help wipe out
“Rotten Gut Syndrome” . . . and transform digestive health

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Dear Friend,

I understand this is embarrassing to talk about . . .

If you have trouble with tummy aches, abdominal pain or discomfort, nausea, diarrhea, gas, bloating, or constipation, please know one thing . . .

You’re not alone.

Over 100 million Americans suffer from issues related to their gut or GI tract.

In fact, do you realize more people suffer from simple occasional constipation than all other health concerns combined?

Crazy, right?! It’s true.

Tummy, digestive, and bowel troubles have become so prevalent and widespread, I call it “Rotten Gut Syndrome.” And, it’s reached epidemic levels.

The good news is . . .

Finally, there’s a way to experience incredible relief.

Listen . . . the gut-improving breakthrough
you’re about to discover can change your life.

Think about it . . .

Have you ever been scared to eat or get in the car and go shopping . . .

Do you ever feel so achy you can’t muster the energy to get out of bed, or . . .

Have you ever worried you’re going to accidentally break wind in front of friends or experience uncontrolled diarrhea and die of embarrassment?

Look how this breakthrough changed Edgardo’s life . . .

“I started having problems with uncontrollable diarrhea . . . after I started taking . . . it helped to balance the bacteria in my digestive system, and my condition improved dramatically. Nothing has worked for me as well as this.”

— Edgardo J., Live Oak, FL

Listen . . .

What you’re about to discover probably isn’t like anything you’ve tried before. So please . . .

Stay with me to the end of this special presentation to discover how this breakthrough gut-supporting protocol could help promote digestive balance and regularity.

PLUS, you’ll also discover . . .

  • Why popular probiotics don’t work . . .
  • Why yogurt is NOT a magic bullet and may make you feel worse . . .
  • 2 outrageous medical school mistakes stopping your favorite doctor from nutritionally supporting your digestive health . . .
  • The real secret to fixing “fiber flatulence” and minimizing bloat and gassy discomfort

About David Brownstein, M.D.

Dr. David Brownstein

Dr. David Brownstein is a board-certified family physician and one of the foremost practitioners of holistic medicine in the U.S. He is medical director of the Center for Holistic Medicine in Michigan. Dr. Brownstein has authored a dozen health books, and lectures to physicians and the public about his success using natural therapies. He is also medical editor of the popular monthly newsletter Dr. David Brownstein’s Natural Way to Health.

Hi . . . I’m Dr. David Brownstein. I turned to holistic medicine when I saw that far too many physicians weren’t tackling the true underlying cause of health issues — especially when it comes to supporting digestive and bowel function.

Most mainstream doctors rely too heavily on drugs which are not necessary for occasional digestive issues and simply mask symptoms. You deserve better.

Now then . . . are you ready to enjoy smooth-moving regularity, a soothed tummy, and easy-does-it digestion? Great!

First, one of the most important things I want you to know . . .

If you’re one of the eight out of 10 people who suffer with occasional gut issues . . .

You’re not alone.

Gastrointestinal troubles plague upwards of 80 million Americans. There are more than 48 million doctor visits every year just for occasional gut troubles.

In fact . . .

I didn’t specialize in digestive health until I started seeing a surge of patients desperately needing help with digestive issues.

Determined to find a natural solution, I dusted off my medical journals and went back to the teachings of the “Father of Natural Immunity” . . . a brilliant Russian scientist named Elie Metchnikoff.

Metchnikoff discovered the mechanism by which some cells could swallow other undesirable ones and destroy them, preventing damage to the body — a process which came to be known as “phagocytosis.” Picture Pac-Man gobbling up all the bad cells . . .

Elie Metchnikoff

By piercing starfish larvae with sharp thorns, Metchnikoff discovered how the immune system operated. Cells he called “phagocytes” began mobilizing and attacking the foreign bodies in the larvae.

It was this stunning discovery which led to a Nobel Prize for his outstanding contributions to immunology. This was the beginning of what would become the greatest gut-healing protocol of the century.

Metchnikoff’s Nobel Prize-winning discovery led him to reason toxic bacteria in the gut caused aging. He believed if swallowing nasty bacteria made you sick, then swallowing good bacteria to alter intestinal flora could make you healthier.

He looked to the Bulgarians who were consuming large quantities of fermented beverages such as sour milk . . . and living longer.

Metchnikoff was convinced the lactobacilli in fermented milk products were the reason the Bulgarians enjoyed such long lives. He believed lactic ferments could combat harmful bacteria in the gut. This gave rise to the multibillion-dollar yogurt industry.

So then . . .

If we know all this about good bacteria, why hasn’t your own trusted doctor been able to help you?

Because medical schools slap a Band-Aid over the
importance of maintaining a healthy microbiome.

Sadly, you and millions of people just like you are paying the price. However, let me assure you . . .

It’s not your fault.

Take a look at the mistakes medical schools are making when it comes to gut health and you’ll understand why . . .

Medical School Mistake No. 1:

They don’t give a hoot about diet. Med students are taught food allergies are uncommon and that it doesn’t matter what patients eat.

I can’t understand how any trained physician — much less someone who specializes in treating the GI tract — can know so little about the importance of diet. You don’t need to go to medical school to realize that the food you eat affects how your body functions.

Medical School Mistake No. 2:

Med school doesn’t teach the importance of healthy gut bacteria. Yet it’s so vital to the immune system it’s referred to as the “second brain.”

If gas, bloating, tummy pain, or digestive upset are occasionally disrupting your life . . .

Mainstream medicine may not offer much help beyond expensive tests . . . or the standard medical school “pill fix.”

The good news — I’ve discovered a breakthrough solution for addressing the underlying cause of your gut troubles.

Look what happened when I used it on my patient Kevin . . .

At age 65, Kevin was a ticking time bomb.

Fifty pounds overweight, he couldn’t eat without experiencing major bloat and awful stomach pain. Even his blood sugar and blood pressure needed support.

Kevin tried different diets, yet he was getting sicker and sicker. He felt like he was going to die.

It was easy to see what was wrong. Kevin was eating high-fat, high-carb, refined foods day and night. Think cheeseburgers, French fries, ice cream, candy, and soda — the standard American diet.

With some testing, we discovered Kevin’s gut was loaded with bad bacteria and yeast. Good bacteria were outnumbered.

Your Healthy Gut: Why YOGURT Is Not the Answer

Today some yogurts may be loaded with sugar, which means all you’re doing is feeding the bad bacteria in your gut. You could be making your digestive issues worse. It’s like giving a sugar addict more sugar.

Why is this so important?

Remember the “Metchnikoff Miracle.”

Your gut thrives on good bacteria, helping you digest food, promoting metabolic function, supporting health and wellness in the immune system . . . even possibly outsmarting allergies.

However, not all bacteria are created
equal . . . and here’s where many
people take a HUGE step backwards.

I strongly believe you need “good guy” bacteria to support your overall health . . . and the emerging research on the importance of our gut’s microbiome clearly is validating this.

See, if you don’t promote proper flora balance, it impacts your digestive health. Why is that so essential? Because emerging research indicates the proper balance is important to supporting our immune system. I’ll share more about this in just a moment.

First, it’s important you understand one thing . . .

Not having enough good bacteria may be behind those occasional bloated and gassy moments . . . those days where you’re concerned about occasional digestive upsets, from constipation to excess gas.

Rest assured . . . I’ve heard stories from thousands of people with these issues, which is why I developed a breakthrough natural solution called Bactipro®. Before I share all the details there’s something you need to understand . . .

Sleeping Great on Bactipro

“Works well on reducing acid . . . No longer wake up during night.”

— Claire G., Santa Monica, CA

How your digestive balance gets so disrupted

  • Poor diet
  • Inadequate water intake
  • Processed foods
  • Excess sugar and bad fats
  • Stress
  • Infection
  • Toxins and pesticides
  • Weight gain
  • Aging
  • Antacids

Many of my patients are also surprised to learn not getting enough sleep and even food allergies can alter the balance of the bacteria in your digestive tract.

Antibiotics can also kill off bacteria, including the good strains. This is why I believe it so important to supplement with a good probiotic. However . . .

Probiotics as you may know them won’t cut it. More on that in a minute.

The good news is there’s a very simple way to help maintain good bacteria even when you are taking an antibiotic.

Before we go there, I can’t wait any longer to share with you what could be . . .

The most surprising thing you’ll ever learn about your gut and your health since it’s something perhaps you’ve never been told . . .

Your gut is home to a whopping 70%-80% of your immune system cells. Now that alone is a great reason to keep your gut healthy.

Now while surprising . . .this isn’t even the half of it.

Science has discovered an entire microbiome living in your gut — it’s like having your own little city of microorganisms. The average gut contains about 100 trillion bacteria, outnumbering your body’s cells 10 to 1 — the equivalent weight of 2 or 3 one-pound boxes of butter.

You actually begin life loaded with good bacteria. However, as you age your bacterial balance gets thrown for a loop . . .

In fact, older adults have a thousandfold fewer friendly bacteria than younger adults. This is why a “super probiotic” like Bactipro is a great choice.


“After taking Bactipro for a month, I found it remarkable how it improved regularity and digestion, a problem that worsened as I grew older. I have tried other products but nothing gave me the results I needed. Kudos!”

— Herb E. from Pennsylvania

Imagine finally experiencing good gut health and
helping tame occasional tummy troubles . . .

Without having to reach for antacids, laxatives, stool softeners, or Aunt Sadie’s “You want me to stick what WHERE?” folk remedy.

Everyone I give this natural breakthrough to is shocked at how simple it is and how well it works.

Before I tell you more about Bactipro . . .

You may be wondering what happened to Kevin,
whose story I shared earlier.

I’m happy to report when Kevin cleaned up his diet, started walking 30 minutes a day, and began taking this one health-restoring breakthrough I’m about to reveal to you, he told me . . .

“Doc, I feel like a new man.”

What did it?

Probiotics . . . also known as good bacteria.

Numerous research studies have found probiotics to be extremely beneficial to your health.

In addition to good bacteria helping with extra weight and feeling down and out, studies have found strong links with good gut bacteria and your body’s ability to:

  • Support your immune system
  • Promote healthy inflammation levels
  • Assist in the absorption of critical nutrients like B vitamins, niacin, and vitamin K
  • Support normal cholesterol levels
  • And more!

Listen . . .

Before you run out and stock up on probiotics I’ll tell you the same thing I tell my patients:

You can’t just take any probiotic. Your body needs two essential strains:

  1. “Bifidobacteria”
    Working in the large intestine helping detoxify your colon and supporting healthy elimination
  2. “Lactobacilli”
    Working in the small intestine, supporting digestion and assisting in absorbing foods, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients

With so many different bifido and lactobacillus strains out there . . .

How do you know which ones you need
to support your digestive health?

I’ll share with you the name of each one you need . . .

So stay with me here, because relief from digestive and bowel discomfort is finally on the way.

(And I’m going to give you a way to TRY IT RISK-FREE FOR 30 DAYS!)


“My digestive system feels so much better taking Bactipro — even when I’m stressed. But best of all, I’m so regular.”

— Edith D. from Canada

Listen . . .

If you don’t carefully follow this recommendation, probiotics may not do you a lick of good. It’s worth trying it RISK-FREE knowing you could . . .

Promote regularity and consistent soft bowel movements.

Now wouldn’t that feel amazing?

Over 4 million Americans experience occasional constipation. It’s one of the most common health concerns affecting those over the age of 50 today.

Sadly, most laxatives and stool softeners aren’t too helpful. Nearly half of all those who use over-the-counter help for constipation aren’t satisfied with the results.

Insufficient fiber intake and certain medications are two contributing factors; however . . .

The right probiotics could be your Holy Grail of relief.

This is backed by scientific findings, not hearsay. For instance . . .

A blog article appearing on Harvard Health reported London researchers pooled findings from 14 different studies. On average, clinical trials found probiotics slowed “gut transit time” by 12.4 hours, increasing the number of bowel movements by 1.3.

Researchers also found probiotics helped soften the stool for easier elimination.


“I have almost eliminated gas problems.”

— Paula S., Peru, Indiana

Wait until you feel relief flooding your body and you’re no longer bottled up, bloated, and gassy. Won’t it be great to grab a magazine, walk to the bathroom, and move your bowels with ease?

What else can probiotics do for your health?

In my almost 30 years of practice I’ve seen probiotics help with occasional . . .

  • Digestive issues
  • Gas and bloating
  • Diarrhea
  • Tummy pain

Yale University researchers say a healthy immune system needs good intestinal bacteria.

The researchers concluded immune response is affected by probiotics. And a University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine study suggested probiotics may help maintain immune system activity.

Now before we go any further . . .

There are 2 things you absolutely must know to make probiotics work for you. Otherwise you’re wasting your money . . .

1. Not all probiotics are created equal.

Contrary to popular belief, probiotics are not “one size fits all.” And while constipation, diarrhea, unpredictable bowel movements, gas, bloating, and abdominal discomfort can respond well to probiotics taken on a regular basis — each issue is addressed by a specific type of bacteria.

When I formulated Bactipro I made it easy for you to get all of the correct strains in a probiotic supplement. Before I tell you everything you need to know to help support your gut . . .

There’s one more clincher . . .

If you’re not taking this one thing with your probiotic . . . you might as well eat dirt because you’re not supporting your gut.

2. Probiotics must have this one essential health-supporting element for promoting optimal results.

It’s simple: prebiotics. It’s believed they set the stage for probiotics to flourish by favoring the growth of beneficial bacteria. This is why I added prebiotics to Bactipro.

Ask the Doctor
Dear Dr. Brownstein:

Q: Is it true probiotics must be refrigerated or else they’re D.O.A. when they hit your stomach?

A: Probiotics contain live cultures, which is why many popular brands must be refrigerated. However, watchdog group ConsumerLab.com reported half of the organisms initially put in probiotics are dead by the time they hit store shelves. All it takes is for the product to be transported in a hot truck or to sit in a warehouse.

This is why I formulated Bactipro using a cryoprotective process which helps ensure viability and stability. Studies have shown cryopreserving increases the survival rate of the live cultures. For this reason, Bactipro doesn’t need to be refrigerated.



30-day supply

Prebiotics have a secret superpower.

Because they’re a special type of fiber they act like “food” for good bacteria — feeding, nourishing, and helping create the beneficial probiotic bacteria in your intestines. And they have a surprising secret superpower . . .

They’re impervious to stomach acid. Prebiotics can’t die.

Studies show these healthy gut fertilizers may also help . . .

  • Decrease diarrhea
  • Facilitate calcium intake to ease constipation

You’re getting a powerful one-two health punch when you take prebiotics and probiotics. That’s why I included both of them in Bactipro.

Scientists suggest strategies like using probiotics and prebiotics along with changes in diet could alter gut bacteria, promoting healthy aging.

Now . . . like probiotics, you can’t just pluck any ol’ prebiotic off the shelf.

There’s only one prebiotic I recommend . . .

It contains a type of soluble corn fiber called Fibersol-2 and I insisted it be incorporated into Bactipro.

Fibersol-2 has 20 years of clinical research and more than 100 published studies behind it. As a physician, I can trust it works — and you can, too.

Clinical studies have shown Fibersol-2 helps:

  • Relieve occasional constipation
  • Support healthy triglyceride levels
  • Promote healthy cholesterol numbers

Plus . . .

Fibersol-2 could be your new weight-loss hero.

It’s so hard to lose weight, isn’t it? Like so many, maybe you eat less in an effort to cut calories and inevitably, what happens is . . .

You get hungry and start eating everything in sight. Your weight-loss efforts go right down the drain.

I have great news! The simple solution is Fibersol-2.

Results of a clinical study at Iowa State University showed Fibersol-2 helps you feel fuller longer, and more satisfied. People who consumed Fibersol-2 felt fuller longer than those who did not. Not to mention it may help support healthy blood glucose.

It’s really important to get fiber into your diet. There’s just one small problem . . .

Fiber can make you gassy.

Feeling like your stomach is blown up full and bubbly is uncomfortable. And no one I know thinks experiencing the mortifying embarrassment of uncontrolled gas or belching is a laughing matter.

This is one reason I’m convinced you’ll love the Fibersol-2 in Bactipro.

Not only has it been shown to maintain the regularity you crave . . . it’s gentler on your system. That’s because Fibersol-2 ferments in your colon more slowly than other soluble fibers. This is the secret to helping minimize bloating and gassy discomfort.


“Before I started taking Bactipro, my gas was very smelly; now my bowels are regular.”

— Michael R.

Now the solution is simple . . .

Increase your fiber intake and you could experience impressive health-supporting benefits.


Is your daily fiber
count falling short?

More than 75% of U.S. adults do not meet the recommended daily reference value for dietary fiber.

WOMEN Recommended: 24 grams a day Average fiber intake: 13 grams a day
MEN Recommended: 35 grams a day Average fiber intake: 17 grams a day

Bactipro is an easy way to get an extra 6 grams of fiber a day!

Increased fiber intake has been clinically shown to improve regularity, and support healthy cholesterol and digestive function. Plus, fiber helps you feel fuller so you eat less.

Fibersol-2 is my No. 1 pick.

Life is complicated enough without having to go hunting for all kinds of different probiotics and prebiotics and fiber supplements, right? Besides, staring at those store shelves can be overwhelming and confusing.

That’s why I want to make it easy for you to pick the perfect probiotic, prebiotic, and fiber — all in one.

I did all of the work, bringing all of these gut health-restoring ingredients together into one natural life-promoting formula called Bactipro — a probiotic supplement formulated for optimal digestive and immune system health.

The best part? I’m so confident Bactipro can help support your digestive health . . .

I’d like to give you the opportunity to try Bactipro as part of a limited-time RISK-FREE trial offer.

You can claim your 30-day supply of Bactipro right now — normally a $39.95 value — and pay nothing for this trial bottle. This way you can try it for an entire month and decide if it’s right for you. All I ask is you pay a small shipping and handling fee of just $4.95.

So let’s be absolutely clear:

When you order right now through this special RISK-FREE offer, Medix Select will send you one trial bottle (30-day supply) of Bactipro — a $39.95 value. All you pay is the small shipping and handling fee of $4.95.

And, because I want to make it super convenient for you . . .

You’ll also enjoy the convenience of being enrolled in our money-saving, time-saving Smartship program. (Don’t worry, you can easily cancel any time.) This way, you’ll also receive 33% off the regular price of Bactipro.

And you can rest easy knowing you won’t most miss even one daily dose of Bactipro for optimal digestive and immune health.

You can cancel any time by simply calling us at 1-877-214-0792.

Bactipro is different from all of the other probiotics out there . . .
I guarantee it.

“I'm 91 yrs old, always had good appetite and impressive health, but Bactipro has clearly improved my bowel regularity. I think I'm healthier with Bactipro.”

— Les R., Chandler, AZ

First . . . Bactipro is what I call a “super probiotic.” That means it goes far beyond typical probiotics lining store shelves, beginning with . . .

6 Powerful Probiotic Strains With Live Cultures

Clinically studied ingredients:

Bifidobacterium bifidum: 240 million
  • Helps the body produce and absorb vitamins
  • Supports immune system and GI tract function
  • Helps with occasional diarrhea
Bifidobacterium longum: 400 million
  • Helps inhibit growth of non-beneficial microorganisms
  • Promotes overall digestive health
  • Supports immune health
Lactobacillus sporogenes: 300 million
(Bacillus coagulans or Lactospore®)
  • Produces spores which help resist destruction as they pass through GI tract
  • May help with occasional diarrhea
  • Helps ease simple constipation and other digestive concerns
Lactobacillus acidophilus: 120 million
  • Helps optimize vaginal and urinary tract health
  • Helps decrease antibiotic side effects such as diarrhea
  • Alleviates simple digestive concerns including occasional constipation
Lactobacillus casei: 400 million
  • Wide pH and temperature range helps survive trip through GI tract
  • Helps increases effectiveness
  • Provides immune support
Lactobacillus rhamnosus: 20 million
  • Resistance to stomach acid
  • Helps optimize intestinal and genitourinary tract
  • Reduces occasional diarrhea
  • Helps ease lactose intolerance

“Bactipro has completely eliminated severe constipation from my life.”

— Richard W. from Florida

2-in-1 Super-Strength Prebiotic Fiber Blend

I made absolutely certain Bactipro contains the prebiotic Fibersol-2 with soluble corn fiber as well as inulin. Inulin travels intact to the lower gut where it functions as a prebiotic — a food source for good bacteria living there.

My top recommendation is inulin from chicory root — it gives you a whopping 36 to 48 grams of fiber in just 3.5 ounces. Compare that to 2.5 grams in the same amount of broccoli.

Fibersol-2 and inulin help:

  • Relieve occasional constipation
  • Support more frequent bowel movements
  • Boost weight loss
  • Support healthy triglycerides
  • Promote healthy cholesterol
  • Improve digestive health

I didn’t stop there. You get the added benefit of . . .

8 Robust Free-Radical Fighting Antioxidants

You need antioxidants to help protect and repair cells from damage caused by free radicals. Here are a few of the powerful antioxidants you’ll find in Bactipro:

Resveratrol & grape seed extract

Supports heart & brain health

Lutein & lycopene

Promotes eye health


Supports urinary health


Promotes healthy inflammation levels

Plus, you get something no other probiotic gives you:

26 Potent Phytonutrients for Head-to-Toe Good Health

Phytonutrients are believed to play a role in detoxifying, repairing DNA damage, and promoting a proper inflammatory response.

  • Healthy immune system
  • Cellular health
  • Eye health
  • Healthy inflammatory response
  • Heart health
  • Longevity

As you can see, you’ll find an enormous amount of nutrients, friendly probiotic bacteria, and prebiotic fiber packed into chewable, delicious Bactipro wafers.

You get everything you need — all in one. No more popping handfuls of pills or trying to remember what you took and when.

In fact, there are no pills. I insisted on it since a lot of my patients are concerned about choking or gagging when they have to swallow a pill, tablet, or capsule.

This is why I formulated Bactipro to be a great-tasting chewable wafer you take every day. Easy, right?

Best of all, I want you to try Bactipro absolutely RISK-FREE.

Yes, that’s right . . . a 30-day supply for you to try 100% RISK-FREE.

Why would I give away a $39.95 bottle of Bactipro?

Because I’m confident it can help you feel better. You can finally kick “Rotten Gut Syndrome” to the curb and be free to live life the way you want.

As a physician I love seeing the gut health-promoting effects on men and women everywhere who have long experienced digestive issues and just wanted relief.

An all-in-one “super probiotic” Bactipro . . .

  • Helps you live life without the pain and discomfort of gastrointestinal issues . . .
  • Helps support a healthy gut naturally and provide balance so your energy comes flooding back . . .
  • Promotes smooth-moving bowel movements and gets you going regularly . . .
  • Delivers heart-healthy, blood sugar-friendly fiber . . .
  • Helps maintain friendly gut bacteria even as you age . . .
  • Supports a healthy immune system . . .
  • Lends needed support to your colon and small intestine . . .
  • Delivers dozens of health-boosting antioxidants and phytonutrients for your eyes, brain, and heart . . .
  • Promotes digestive balance . . .
  • Returns bowel function & regularity . . .

I stand behind Bactipro 100% . . .

And that goes for the formula, high-quality ingredients, and stringent quality controls it’s manufactured under to ensure potency and stability of every ingredient, including every bacterial strain.

Claim your RISK-FREE 30-day Trial Supply of Bactipro today while supplies last . . ..

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In this information-packed report, you’ll discover:

  • Why probiotics are not just some fad to ignore . . .
  • What you must know about using probiotics during antibiotic treatment . . .
  • 9 reasons for a loss of friendly bacteria in your body . . .
  • Probiotic foods and beverages that could benefit your health . . .
  • And much more . . .

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