Urgent Health Advisory for Anyone Over 40

By now, you’ve probably heard of coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10).

According to many scientific studies and numerous experts (including distinguished Florida cardiologist Dr. Chauncey Crandall), CoQ10 plays a pivotal role in heart health.

CoQ10 is a natural, vitamin-like substance found in every body cell, and is more highly concentrated in organs with higher energy needs — like your heart.

You’ll find CoQ10 in the mitochondria, which are your cell’s “power plants.” Heart cells have approximately 5,000 mitochondria each, more than in any other cells.

Inside these mitochondria, CoQ10 helps manufacture the compound adenosine triphosphate — “ATP” for short. ATP provides the energy to keep your heart beating day in and day out, over the course of your lifetime.

In addition, CoQ10 is a strong antioxidant that helps fight free radicals at the cellular level. Promoting health at the cellular level is important to graceful aging. Additionally, CoQ10 helps stabilize the membranes surrounding cells.

Unfortunately, there’s a big problem with CoQ10.

Our bodies produce CoQ10 naturally, but with
age, CoQ10 levels decline significantly.

By the time you reach your 40s, your body’s CoQ10 levels may have dropped by as much as 30%. In addition, nutritionally oriented physicians recommend that you supplement with CoQ10 if you are taking statin drugs because statins may deplete CoQ10 levels.

The connection between CoQ10 and cardiac health was first uncovered in 1957, when researchers detected high amounts of CoQ10 in heart tissue.

Today, numerous trials indicate CoQ10’s unique role in supporting cardiovascular health.

Clinical studies on CoQ10 suggest it can promote optimal heart function and normal blood pressure levels. It can also help reduce homocysteine levels, an important factor in heart health.

But if you take a CoQ10 supplement — or are thinking
of doing so — please consider this warning . . .

Imagine slicing off a tiny sliver of the pill or capsule of CoQ10, swallowing that minuscule piece, and throwing the rest of the supplement in the toilet.

That’s shockingly close to what happens with most CoQ10 supplements.

You see, traditional CoQ10 is very poorly absorbed by the body. What’s more, many traditional CoQ10 supplements provide less than 200 mg a day of CoQ10, which is unlikely to deliver the cardiac benefits you’re counting on.

The reason for such poor absorption is because the coenzyme Q10 molecule is insoluble in water and soluble in oil.

The human body is up to 60% water. So most of the CoQ10 doesn’t dissolve in your body and is excreted in your urine. You literally flush it away.

But here’s some good news for men and women
looking to support their heart health with CoQ10.

A new technology, called VESIsorb®, achieves absorption levels — and bioavailability — up to six times higher than traditional forms of CoQ10.

Conventional CoQ10 supplements typically use powder in tablets or capsules, or soft gel capsules with an oil suspension.

Try this experiment . . .

Grab one of these CoQ10 products, crush it or break it open, and pour it into a glass of water.

The CoQ10 just sits on top of the water, separates into clumps or blobs, starts to crystallize, and never dissolves — duplicating what happens to it in the human body.

VESIsorb technology overcomes this solubility problem, enabling your body to efficiently absorb CoQ10, and makes more of the nutrient bioavailable to your system.

You’ve probably heard the expression “oil and water don’t mix.” The VESIsorb technology uses an emulsifier — a type of molecule that attaches oil to water — so they DO mix.

The VESIsorb nutrient delivery system consists of droplets with an oil core surrounded by a single‑layer membrane made of emulsifiers. The droplets are less than 100 nanometers in diameter.

When VESIsorb contacts water in your stomach, the emulsifying membrane links the surface area between the oil and the water — giving a stable oil and water mixture or “colloid.”

This allows the colloid containing the “lipophilic” or “oil‑loving” coenzyme Q10 molecules to pass through the watery environment of your gastrointestinal (GI) tract.

The VESIsorb then reaches the cells lining your small intestine, where the CoQ10 crosses the cell membrane by diffusion and enters your bloodstream.

The peak absorption rates for conventional CoQ10 are 2.15% in powder, 3.34% in oil dispersions, and 5.44% in lipid delivery systems.

By comparison, VESIsorb achieves 16.97% absorption
of CoQ10. This is three to six times more than
traditional bioavailable forms of the supplement!

And now a renowned heart expert, Dr. Chauncey Crandall, has taken advantage of the VESIsorb breakthrough to help more people optimize their cardiovascular health.

If you’re not familiar with Dr. Crandall he established the Duke University Interventional Cardiology Program, Palm Beach and is chief of the cardiac transplant program at the world‑renowned Palm Beach Cardiovascular Clinic, where he practices interventional, vascular, and transplant cardiology.

The doctor received his postgraduate training at Yale University School of Medicine, where he also completed three years of research in the cardiovascular surgery division.

According to Dr. Crandall, you can help maintain a healthy heart well into your 70s, 80s, and beyond, thanks to a combination of daily activities and by ingesting certain nutrients critical to heart function.

We recently caught up with Dr. Crandall and asked him for some advice.

Here are five of Dr. Crandall’s simple tips for better heart health.

  1. First, an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association reports that every extra hour of sleep you get improves your cardiac health. So make sure you get sufficient good quality sleep.
  2. Dr. Crandall also recommends you meditate 10 minutes a day to lower your stress level.
  3. Limit saturated fat intake to no more than 7% of your total calories. Use olive oil to lower “bad” LDL cholesterol and raise “good” HDL cholesterol.
  4. One serving per week of fish high in omega‑3 fatty acids can also help promote overall heart health. Unfortunately, a lot of fish are contaminated by toxins today. So Dr. Crandall has been recommending fish oil supplements to his patients for 15 years now.
  5. Dr. Crandall also recommends that people take at least 200 mg of coenzyme Q10 daily. As you’ve already heard, this important nutrient helps produce energy that keeps your heart beating properly. It can also promote healthy circulatory function and blood pressure.

COTREXIN® now makes it easy to support your heart health!

8 Healthy Benefits of COTREXIN

  1. Supports Heart Health & Function
  2. Supports Brain Health
  3. Enhances Cellular Energy Production
  4. Supports Normal Blood Pressure Levels
  5. Supports Circulatory Health
  6. Promotes Healthy Inflammatory Response
  7. Supports Antioxidant Activity
  8. Supports Healthy Triglyceride Levels
  9. Helps Reduce the Oxidation of Cholesterol

Targeted supplements for the cardiovascular system, especially those targeting the heart, make it easier to support the health of this all-important organ. And what Dr. Crandall has done for his patients is amazingly simple and incredibly beneficial.

Taking matters into his own hands, Dr. Crandall has combined two of the most powerful heart nutrients, coenzyme Q10 and omega-3s, in a single daily supplement.

The result is a unique advanced nutritional supplement, COTREXIN, that uses the VESIsorb delivery system to maximize the bioavailability and benefits of both components.

The primary ingredient in COTREXIN
is 200 mg of CoQ10 daily.

And thanks to VESIsorb, COTREXIN’s CoQ10 is absorbed and utilized by the body at up to SIX TIMES the rate of conventional coenzyme Q10.

There is a huge body of clinical research that indicates the importance of maintaining the body’s levels of coenzyme Q10. In fact, recent studies on CoQ10 reported in the journal Molecular Aspects of Medicine concluded that CoQ10 supplementation is a safe and effective way to help maintain cardiac health.

What about CoQ10 and blood pressure?

In 13 clinical studies with a total of 362 patients, coenzyme Q10 supported healthy blood pressure levels.

And that’s not all . . .

Coenzyme Q10 does more than promote cardiac health.

The brain is also a major beneficiary of CoQ10’s
antioxidant and cellular energy boosting power.

You can easily understand why the brain has a huge and constant need for energy.

And fortunately, research indicates that CoQ10 taken orally helps protect brain cells and neurons against damage.

COTREXIN also provides needed EPA and DHA omega-3s from fish oil.

It is well known that omega-3s, especially DHA, support brain and cognitive health.

In addition to 200 mg daily of CoQ10, COTREXIN also delivers — with VESIsorb efficiency — 650 mg omega-3 EPA and 100 mg omega-3 DHA fish oil. Supportive, but not conclusive, evidence suggests omega-3s help reduce the risk of heart disease.

EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) promotes proper blood clotting.

DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) helps raise “good” HDL2 cholesterol and promotes arterial health. It also appears that DHA may increase LDL particle size, which is related to better heart health.

“I love this product. It has a good portion of fish oil and CoQ10 in one product. I feel better when taking it regularly.”

Kathy L.* — Oregon

Just as it did with CoQ10, VESIsorb turns concentrated omega-3 EPA and DHA into water-soluble colloidal droplets to increase absorption.

Fish is rich in omega-3 oil. In a giant study of 22,070 male physicians ages 40 through 84, reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association, those who ate fish once a week had improved cardiac health than those who did not.

But heart health is not the only reason to take omega-3 fish oil.

Just as with CoQ10, omega-3 fatty acids may also help promote optimal brain function.

Dr. Crandall is confident in the research behind the ingredients in COTREXIN — which is manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines — and in the processing and packaging that goes into bringing it directly to you. These ensure you receive a source of high-quality nutrients.

Dr. Crandall is so confident that COTREXIN can help you achieve optimal cardiac health that he wants to give you a special opportunity.

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Today, you’ve seen that clinical research suggests coenzyme Q10 and omega-3s can help promote optimal cardiovascular health (as well as brain health).

You’ve also discovered that the human body, which is mainly water, doesn’t absorb these oily substances very well — and our natural levels of CoQ10 decline with age. By the time you reach your senior years, your CoQ10 levels could be significantly reduced.

Dr. Crandall’s COTREXIN uses the unique VESIsorb delivery system to enable oil-based coenzyme Q10 and omega-3s to be delivered in a form more easily absorbed by the GI tract.

Thanks to VESIsorb, the CoQ10 in COTREXIN has up to six times greater absorption and utilization than other forms not delivered with VESIsorb.

That means COTREXIN gives you the maximum benefits of both CoQ10 and omega‑3s — much more bioavailability than you get with other brands. So don’t be fooled by fancy packaging or TV commercials. Not when you’ve seen how many forms of CoQ10 are doomed by poor availability, which means you are literally throwing your hard-earned money down the toilet.

Research performed around the world supports the use of these bioactive compounds for cardiac and brain health, so don’t miss out on this generous special offer.

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