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From the Desk of David Brownstein, M.D.
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Dear Reader,

If you’re like most folks (and 99% of my patients), you’ve never heard of galectin-3 . . .

It sounds like something right out of Star Wars, doesn’t it?

But in the coming years, you’re likely to hear LOTS about this rogue protein molecule — because scientists and top researchers are studying it like mad right now.

That’s because of what galectin-3 does to the cells in your body — particularly as you age. Prostate cells, heart cells, breast cells, and many others. Plus, it influences your immune system and your body’s ability to regulate the inflammatory process.

Since you’re reading this letter right now, I’m confident you’re the type of person who likes to stay current with new health-impacting discoveries. And believe me, galectin-3 is a BIG DEAL in scientific circles. There were 208 published papers about galectin-3 in the scientific literature in 2012 alone.

So please keep reading. However, before going into the details you need to know about galectin-3, you need a bit of background.

Let’s start right at the beginning . . .

Respect Your Cells: The Foundational Blocks of Your Body

In the Bible, Matthew spoke of the foolish man who built his house on sand. When the rains came and the winds blew, his house fell with a great crash.

But the wise man built his house on rock. “The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock.”

Well, that’s how you should think about your body’s cells.

They are your foundation. Cells are often called the building blocks of life. They are the basic structural and functional unit of living organisms, and the smallest unit of life that can replicate independently.

Without healthy cells — without taking care of your foundation — what kind of life can you expect to have?

Healthy, nourished cells are the central component of optimal health and longevity. Healthy cells give birth to more healthy cells — a chain reaction known to be the key to maintaining youthfulness.

However, just as healthy cells grow and multiple, poorly functioning cells can spread just as quickly and rapidly deteriorate your body’s health. Cellular dysfunction has been linked to many adverse health outcomes — and is at the very heart of the aging process.

You don’t have to believe me alone. Here is what the National Institutes of Health website says:

“Most scientists now agree that aging is, at least in part, the result of accumulating damage to the molecules — such as proteins, lipids, and nucleic acids (DNA and RNA)— that make up our cells. If enough molecules are damaged, our cells will function less well, our tissues and organs will begin to deteriorate, and eventually, our health will decline.”1


And you may find this really shocking . . .

You have about 37.2 TRILLION cells in your body. At any given time, each one is doing hundreds or even thousands of jobs. So, it’s pretty crucial to make sure your cells have the opportunity to function at optimum capacity, wouldn’t you agree?

I certainly think so. And as a holistic physician, I’ve spent many years researching safe, effective, and simple ways to help my patients maximize their cellular health. That’s how I came across galectin-3.

About Dr. Brownstein

David Brownstein, M.D. believes holistic medicine will be THE medicine of the 21st century. He is Chief of the Center for Holistic Medicine in Bloomfield, Michigan. A board-certified family physician and one of the foremost holistic practitioners in America. He has had great success in resolving numerous medical disorders, including arthritis, thyroid disease, chronic fatigue, hormone imbalance, diabetes, and many others. Dr. Brownstein is the author of 11 health books, and editor of the popular monthly newsletter Natural Way to Health.


Galectin-3: A Rogue Protein That Increases With Age

Galectins, or galactose-binding lectins, are proteins in your body responsible for making unhealthy cells clump or cluster together more easily.

Among the galectins, scientists have focused their research on a specific “rogue” protein molecule called galectin-3.

In normal amounts, galectin-3 helps regulate your cell growth and facilitates communication between cells. However, during the aging process, galectin-3 levels often rise significantly2 . . .

And in excess amounts, this Velcro-like protein encourages certain unhealthy cells to clump or stick together and bind to surrounding tissues. It can even encourage these unhealthy cells to create their own blood supply.3

Galectin-3 may also affect the cellular mitochondria in a way that protects unhealthy cells from normal programmed cell death, a process called apoptosis.4

Scientists have studied the effects of this sticky galectin-3 protein molecule on cells in the prostate, breast, colon, kidney, and other body areas.5

Research has also documented a relationship between galectin-3 and heart health. When heart cells suffer damage, galectin-3 is released as part of the inflammatory and immune response. Unfortunately, when too much of this protein is released, heart cells may produce excess collagen in their repair efforts. This can lead to scar tissue formation in the heart muscle, and reduce the heart’s ability to pump blood.6

Because of the importance of this rogue molecule, the FDA has now approved a test for certain individuals that measures galectin-3 levels as a key new biomarker of heart health.7 Some health experts believe this test may someday become an even more important marker than cholesterol.

So by now, you can probably imagine how finding a way to promote normal galectin-3 levels is of utmost importance in maintaining not only your cellular health, but also your overall health and wellness.

Enter MCP — Not Your Grandma’s Jelly-Loving Pectin

Have you heard of pectin?

Pectin is a naturally occurring substance found within the cell walls of most plants. Pectin is particularly concentrated in the peel and pulp of a number of fruits, particularly citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, limes, and others.

It’s likely your grandmother or even your mother took advantage of pectin’s properties when making jellies and jams at home. The fruits she canned contained high levels of pectin, which served as a gelling agent to help the preserves set or harden.

Regular pectin supports digestive health with its soluble dietary fiber, but its molecules are too large to enter the bloodstream. This means its benefits are restricted to the GI tract alone.

So here’s what happened . . .

Top scientists went to work and actually developed a natural super citrus product — MCP or modified citrus pectin.

Surprisingly, it doesn’t come from the delicious, juicy part of the fruit. Instead, MCP is derived from the pith of the citrus, the white portion between the skin and the edible part.

Since regular, unmodified citrus pectin has molecules too large for the body to absorb, scientists have been able to use high-tech lab modifications to change pectin’s chemical structure from long, branched chains to shorter molecular chains that are more easily absorbed, making them more bioavailable.

So why would they go to all this trouble? Well, this brings us fill circle — back to galectin-3.

Modified Citrus Pectin: The Natural Galectin-3 Blocker

As it turns out, MCP naturally inhibits the effects of excess galectin-3 throughout the body.8 It does this by binding to the rogue protein molecule and blocking or neutralizing its undesirable effects.

According to Dr. Pieter Muntendam, who developed the FDA-approved biomarker test you heard about previously, galectin-3 has a built-in “on-off” switch. This switch is modulated by the specific carbohydrates found in these modified citrus pectins.9

Inside MCP are substances called galactosyl residues, which interfere with galectin-3 binding and disrupt communication between dysfunctional cells. And fortunately, the process used to produce MCP increases the number of these galactosyl binding sites.10

It would take all day to tell you about the research on modified citrus pectin. Here are just a few highlights:

A mini-review published in the journal Carbohydrate Research in 2009 evaluated studies performed to date on MCP. The authors concluded that the combination of pH and temperature treatment used in preparing MCP could be an optimal combination for generating pectins with the ability to inhibit galectin-3 binding, promote normal cell death, and help prevent the spread of poorly functioning cells.11

Then, in 2011, another study demonstrated that MCP selectively activates potent immune cells, including T cells and NK or natural killer cells. MCP not only increased the activation of NK cells, but also enhanced their power to destroy unhealthy cells.12

Apoptosis, or normal programmed cell death, is an important function that serves to rid the body of damaged, unhealthy, or unneeded cells. Increased levels of galectin-3 make cells more resistant to apoptosis. However, research suggests that MCP helps immune cells carry out this key cellular function.13

In addition, emerging research done on animal kidney cells reported in PLoS One demonstrates that MCP can modulate the inflammatory response associated with galectin-3.14

MCP Also Promotes Gentle Detoxification in the Body

If you wonder why I recommend detoxification to patients in my medical practice and readers of my newsletter Natural Way to Health, let me put it in perspective.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is required to control 187 pollutants in the air alone, most of which originate from human-made sources. These include benzene found in gasoline, dioxins from industrial processing, and metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium, and others.15

Many chemicals and metals are regularly and relentlessly emitted from factories, refineries, building materials, cleaning products, and cars and other vehicles.

You can ingest toxins by breathing air, eating contaminated foods, and drinking water. The Environmental Working Group notes that over 300 pollutants have been found in U.S. tap water alone.16 They also note that nearly two-thirds of the 3,015 samples of produce tested by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in 2013 contained pesticide residues.

This all adds up to a heavy toxic burden on the body — and the body’s cells. That’s why I was happy to see that MCP also promotes a gentle detoxification process in the body without affecting essential mineral levels. As an example, a study reported in the journal Phytotherapy Research noted that MCP significantly increased the urinary excretion of toxic metals such as cadmium and arsenic.17

I realize that talking about some of the finer points of cell biology may get a bit technical, but I hope I’ve conveyed some of the excitement I feel about the ongoing research into modified citrus pectin.

Unfortunately, I’ve seen a lot of what I consider to be poor-quality MCP products now being sold in stores and on the Internet.  This concerns me, because when it comes to your health — starting at your basic cellular foundation — it’s certainly no time to cut corners . . .

So in tandem with Medix Select, I recently developed the premium MCP-based nutritional supplement Everto™.

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Everto is a unique patented formula, created by a proprietary enzymatic and pH process to ensure delivery of the correct molecular weight necessary to influence health at the cellular level. This patented form offers enhanced absorbability, so your body can gain the most benefit possible from the modified pectins. 

I designed Everto to combine MCP and healthful fiber in a tasty, chewable wafer. That makes it easy for your on-the-go lifestyle, with none of the mixing or messy powders that you find with other typical products.

Manufacturing a high-quality MCP product is labor intensive, and the high-tech process to create it is not an inexpensive one. But I went to bat for you and convinced Medix Select to give you the opportunity to receive a significant discount — as much as 50% off — on this premium nutritional product.

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