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3 Worst Foods for Joint Pain

You know that sensation — you bend over to grab the groceries from the car or you simply rise from your favorite chair, only to writhe with pain in your neck, back, hips, knees or, worse, all of the above.

While these aches and pains that seem to be the inevitable result of aging are common —affecting more than 21 million American adults — they are not just part of “getting older.” In fact, many joint pains can be relieved or even prevented with one simple daily habit . . . and, no, it’s not more exercise.

But, changing the foods you eat? Now that’s an easy change you can make to stop the pain.

It’s true what they say, “You are what you eat.” Researchers have uncovered evidence that certain foods contribute to pain-inducing inflammation, which leads to these well-known discomforts:

  • Soreness or pain in one or more joints
  • Joint stiffness, particularly in the morning
  • Restricted motion in one or more joints, making it difficult to perform some activities
  • Grinding, crackling, or popping sensations or sounds in joints

David Brownstein, M.D., renowned holistic physician and editor of the popular health newsletter Dr. Brownstein’s Natural Ways to Health, knows this is a familiar discomfort for many people.

“Over the 20 years I’ve been practicing medicine, I’ve seen thousands of patients with stiff and painful joints,” he says. But, he also knows the solution is simple, adding: “A major factor that can affect joints, for better or worse, is diet.”

“I, personally, eat and recommend a diet that minimizes excess inflammation in the body, because this inflammation will eventually start damaging your joints,” says Dr. Brownstein.

In this video presentation, Dr. Brownstein outlines the best nutrients for supporting healthy joints and soothing aches and pains, plus he tells you which foods to avoid and a few other bonus tips you can use to enjoy the freedom that comes with healthy joints. To find out all of Dr. Brownstein’s tips, including what nutrients you need in your diet, click here to watch his free video presentation.

You will learn what you SHOULD and SHOULD NOT be eating if you have joint concerns. Dr. Brownstein will also expose common myths related to your joint health and advise you of other healthy habits that promote pain-free joint mobility.

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