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If you’re over 40, odds are you suffer pain, stiffness, or restricted motion in one or more of your body’s 230 joints.

Perhaps for you, it’s creaky knees, a sore shoulder or hip, stiff and painful fingers, or an aching back or neck . . .

Well, you’re not alone. In fact, a staggering 21 million American adults face these common “wear and tear” joint concerns.

You may find it:

  • Difficult to climb stairs . . .
  • Tough to vacuum, clean house, or do yard work . . .
  • Troublesome to open a jar or reach for something in your cupboard . . .
  • Challenging just to get up from your easy chair . . .
  • Hard to stay active with sports or hobbies — or even keep up with your grandkids . . .

Believe me, as a medical doctor, I understand just what you’re going through. I not only see thousands of patients every year with these issues . . . I’m also at the prime age to start suffering from joint concerns myself.

Fortunately, I’ve done extensive research on natural solutions for joint pain and stiffness — solutions that help both myself and my patients.


Which of These 6 Signs of Joint “Wear and Tear” Do You Have?

  • Joint pain or stiffness
  • Mild joint swelling or warmth
  • Restricted motion
  • Grinding, crackling, or popping sounds
  • Enlargement of the joint
  • Sleep disruption due to joint discomfort

I’ll share more about what I’ve discovered shortly, but first, I’d like to introduce myself. I’m Dr. David Brownstein.

I became a holistic medical doctor when I saw that far too many physicians were not addressing the true underlying cause of health issues and, instead, just relying on drugs to mask the symptoms.

I believe you deserve better than that!

So please keep reading — because I’m going to share with you a breakthrough solution that begins to soothe and comfort your joints in as little as 5 days — safely, easily, and naturally.

But first, what led you to such a frustrating situation? Well, to condense these common joint concerns down to one word, that word would be . . .

Cartilage — The Shock Absorber for Your Poor Overworked Joints

Cartilage is a tough yet flexible connective tissue that cushions the ends of your bones where they meet to form a joint.

You can consider cartilage your body’s “shock absorber.”

Cartilage protects your bones from rubbing against each other and helps you move freely by allowing your bones to glide easily over each other.

Unfortunately, with decades of “wear and tear” from trauma, overuse, or even small injury, gradual degeneration of this cartilage begins to affect your body’s joints.

Most commonly, cartilage degeneration takes place in your knees, spine, hands, or hips.

To make matters worse, irritation within the joint causes the release of certain pain-producing chemical substances which further erode the cartilage cushions.

This is the process of inflammation.

Discovering how to balance this inflammatory response is crucial to soothe your joint aches and pains.

Don’t Settle for Joint Discomfort — You Don’t Have To Anymore

Sad to say, up until now there hasn’t been much help available for your painful joints.

Oh sure, you can take pain-killers that may or may not dull the pain — or wait until you’re so desperate you’ll resort to risky and expensive joint replacement surgery . . .

Most typical doctors will give you the old song and dance about how your pain is just an inevitable part of aging.

They’ll say it’s a fact of life you can’t really do anything about, and tell you to just go home and learn to “live with it.”

I know this because many of these patients with stiff joints come to see me.

They’ve usually been living in pain and resorting to drugs (or taking handfuls of expensive and often low-quality joint supplements).

With so many people in pain, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

And that’s when I discovered . . .

The 2,000-Year-Old Secret for Modern-Day Joint Concerns

Remember how the Three Wise Men brought gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh to the baby Jesus?

Well, in addition to its use as a sacred offering, it turns out that frankincense, or Boswellia as it’s also known, has been used for thousands of years to soothe aching, stiff joints.

We’ll never know how much the Magi knew about Boswellia’s special healing properties.

But today, Boswellia is still used to promote healthy joints.

Scientists have confirmed that certain extracts from the Boswellia tree help increase circulation to joint tissue and cartilage, and also promote an improved inflammatory response within the joint itself1.

Unfortunately, traditional Boswellia is poorly absorbed2.

So I was excited to find that researchers have now developed a new patented form of Boswellia with benefits superior to traditional Boswellia herb extract.

One double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical study monitored 60 people with knee joint concerns.

Those subjects using this new form of Boswellia had significant improvements in pain score and functional ability in as few as 5 days of treatment.3

This next-generation Boswellia extract — called AprésFlex™ — improves upon the bioavailability and bioactivity of the boswellic acids in traditional Boswellia serrata, with:

  • Faster absorption
  • Quicker therapeutic benefit
  • Longer-lasting activity

This proprietary extract also inhibits the 5-LOX enzyme, a chemical mediator that works against joint comfort and flexibility.

Plus, AprésFlex™ helps protect against collagen deterioration, which is important for your healthy connective tissues.

What’s important for you to remember is this: AprésFlex™ has been shown to start balancing the inflammatory response in your joints in as little as 5 days! That’s great news for your joint comfort . . .

Libex Bottle
Libex Bottle

As good as AprésFlex™ is for your joints, I didn’t stop there . . .

After researching other nutrients with beneficial effects on joint concerns, I decided to create a joint health “multi-tasker.”

With that goal in mind, I formulated Limbex™.

This advanced all-natural dietary supplement contains AprésFlex™ and 10 additional ingredients specifically chosen to help with your pain and stiffness — and improve and maintain your normal joint and connective tissue function.

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11 Incredible Joint-Loving Ingredients in Limbex™

Next-generation Boswellia extract supports joint comfort and flexibility — and starts balancing inflammatory response in as little as 5 days!

Helps keep joints lubricated, promotes proper joint function, and supports healthy inflammatory response

Blocks enzymes that break down cartilage and supports normal joint fluid balance

Puts the brakes on joint pain, swelling, and irritation

With its active ingredient curcumin, turmeric reduces chemical irritation to the soft tissues around joints to reduce pain, swelling, and stiffness

Green Tea Leaf Extract
Contains powerful antioxidant EGCG to block free radicals and pain-producing chemical joint irritants

Pomegranate Fruit Extract
Slows deterioration of cartilage and reduces joint-irritating inflammatory chemicals

Helps reduce cartilage destruction and provides further antioxidant benefit

Holy Basil
Inhibits COX-1 and COX-2 enzymes that cause joint irritation

Vitamin C
Lowers risk of cartilage loss and joint damage progression

Vitamin E
Defends against joint-damaging free radicals and supports balanced inflammatory process


Get Your No-Risk Trial 30-Day Supply of Limbex™ — Start Feeling Better Soon!

I’ll tell you a bit more about the other ingredients in Limbex™ in a moment, but first, I wanted to tell you about a special offer I arranged for you.

I’m so confident that Limbex™ will help soothe and comfort your joints — starting in as little as 5 days — I’ve made special arrangements for Medix Select to send you a 30-day trial supply at no charge.

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No worries, though, you can easily cancel at any time. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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I also want to send you my Doctor’s Guide to Happy, Healthy Joints at Any Age.

You’ll find easy tips, tricks, and strategies to stop joint concerns from wreaking havoc in your life.

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In your Doctor’s Guide to Happy, Healthy Joints, you will discover:

  • 14 diet secrets to minimize your joint irritation . . .
  • How joint stiffness could be a sign that your body is dehydrated . . .
  • What to do before you even get out of bed to help that morning stiffness . . .
  • Safe and beneficial exercises to help your joints (they’re fun and easy) . . .
  • 7 factors that could put you at risk for joint concerns . . .
  • Exactly what to do when you feel muscle spasms coming on . . .
  • And much more . . .

And What About Those Additional 10 Ingredients in Limbex™?

Many of my patients were taking separate nutrients like glucosamine and chondroitin, which can be quite expensive.

That’s another reason I decided to create a multi-ingredient formula with 11 hard-working ingredients in one single capsule — it’s much more affordable . . .

So in Limbex™, you’ll also find:

Glucosamine and Chondroitin — the Joint Power Twins

Both glucosamine and chondroitin are micro-components of cartilage. Emerging research indicates they both help balance the inflammatory response.4

Glucosamine promotes joint function, repair, and regeneration — and plays an essential role in keeping your joints lubricated.

Chondroitin helps stimulate the production of new cartilage and helps bring nutrient-bearing fluids to the joints. It also blocks the enzymes that break down cartilage.5

Bromelain and Turmeric — Two More Joint Health Superstars

Bromelain, derived from the juice and stems of the pineapple plant, helps speed up the healing process by bringing more oxygen-rich blood to the site of your damaged joints.

This improved blood flow removes the metabolic waste products produced by excess fibrin and an unbalanced inflammatory process.

Turmeric is a bright yellow herb and spice that gives Indian curry its flavor and yellow color. Accumulating evidence indicates that Turmeric reduces chemical irritation to the soft tissues around joints.

Its active component Curcumin inhibits several enzymes that trigger certain chemical mediators, thereby reducing pain, swelling, and stiffness. Curcumin is also a powerful antioxidant, one of many you’ll find in Limbex™.

Protect Your Cartilage With Green Tea Extract

Limbex™ also contains Green Tea Leaf Extract with its naturally-occurring antioxidant compound EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate).

Antioxidants such as EGCG help clean up the free radicals released by damaged cartilage cells.

EGCG also blocks production of certain compounds such as prostaglandin E2, which can lead to painful joint irritation.

The Pepper-Upper for Your Joints

Limbex™ also contains Piperine, the active component of black pepper (and also the cause of black pepper’s spiciness).

Besides being an antioxidant, Piperine helps reduce the destruction of cartilage.

As an added benefit, Piperine also helps increase the absorption of the Curcumin in Turmeric.

PFE — the Fruit Your Joints Will Love

Research indicates that Pomegranate Fruit Extract or PFE reduces the production of chemicals that lead to imbalance of the inflammatory process.

Additionally, a recent study out of the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine demonstrated for the first time the ability of Pomegranate Fruit Extract to slow the deterioration of cartilage that leads to common joint concerns.

It does this by blocking a specific protein molecule (Interleukin-1b) that plays a key role in cartilage breakdown.

The Queen of Herbs Helps Save Joints From Damage

In Limbex™, you’ll also find Holy Basil. Known as the "Queen of Herbs," it has been used to help promote the good health of many body systems.

When it comes to your joints, natural chemicals contained in the leaves of the Holy Basil plant inhibit the COX-1 and COX-2 enzymes which cause irritation.

Plus, Holy Basil contains numerous polyphenol antioxidants to combat free radicals and protect your joint cells from damage.

The Antioxidant Vitamins — Vitamin C and Vitamin E

I’m sure you’re aware how important Vitamin C is to your overall health. However, when it comes to your joint health, Vitamin C or ascorbic acid helps generate collagen, a major component of joints.

This enhances your ability to repair cartilage damage.

The renowned Framingham Study found that those who consumed a higher level of Vitamin C lowered their risk of cartilage loss and joint damage progression up to 3 times more than those who took less Vitamin C.

Like Vitamin C, the antioxidant Vitamin E also protects your body from the ravages of joint-damaging free radicals. Plus, Vitamin E helps support a balanced inflammatory process, helps relieve the pain of joint symptoms, and may stimulate new cartilage cells to grow in your joints.

The Joint Health Supplement I Personally Take and Recommend

I’ve looked at many alternatives when it comes to joint health supplements. I have yet to find one that rivals the set of ingredients in Limbex™.

I wanted to create a formula that covers all the bases when it comes to keeping your joints happy — and make it affordable, too.

That’s why I recommend it to all my patients who have or are at risk for having joint concerns — and that includes everyone over 40.

Plus, I take Limbex™ myself on a daily basis. I know I need healthy joints to remain active — with my family, my medical practice, and my own personal fitness regimen (I enjoy tennis, running, and hiking). But you don’t have to take my word for it . . .

Satisfied Limbex™ Users Say It Best

“Since taking Limbex, the swelling in my hands has gone down, and I have movement in my fingers again."
Goldie D. from Cloquet, MN

"Two weeks after I started Limbex, the pain in my knees just disappeared!"
Irene O. from Washington, DC

"I started taking Limbex recently. Now my joints have less pain and my mobility keeps improving. I can climb stairs and go down with both legs simultaneously.”
Virginia S. from Los Angeles, CA

“My knee is more pain free than before taking Limbex.”
Virgil C. from San Antonio, TX

“My joint pain is minimal since using Limbex. I had used several other products before and always felt like I was chasing pain relief and not always succeeding. Now there isn’t much of a problem.”
Suzy L. from Arlington, MA

Order Your Trial Bottle Now — Start Feeling Better in as Little as 5 Days!

So what’s stopping you? Especially when you can try Limbex™ out for yourself for nothing more than a small shipping charge.

Now, everyone is different. You may start to feel better quickly — in as little as 5 days. Or you may take a little longer, depending upon your age, current joint health, and other factors. That’s why I want to make sure you get a full 30-day trial supply.

Just imagine not having to give your joints a second thought again.

Imagine being able to bend over, grasp and open jar lids, climb stairs, vacuum, play golf, or play with the grandkids — all without joint pain or other symptoms . . . What’s that worth to you?

Remember . . .

You can continue to feel joint aches, pains, and stiffness — or you can start to enjoy life again with this safe and effective joint health formula. The choice is yours.

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