It’s Not Reality TV — It’s Real Life . . .

A Special Report


WARNING: If You’re Over 40, You Might Be Losing Your Own Personal ‘Immunity Challenge’

You’re a Survivor, So Don’t Let These 7 Challenges Outwit and Outsmart You

On the reality TV show Survivor*, the Immunity Challenge is often considered the most important aspect of the game.

And whether you love or hate the show — or you’ve never even watched it . . .

You should know that every day, you play your own personal version of Survivor.

Now on the TV show, contestants must outwit, outplay, and outlast each other to win the big cash prize.

However, in real life, this ‘game’ takes on a whole new meaning. Reality TV and the reality of living are very different. I’m sure you want to survive — healthy, energetic, and active — to reach a ripe old age. That’s the big prize we all want.

This means . . .

You Play Your Own Version of the
Immunity Challenge on a Daily Basis

In fact, your Immunity Challenge plays a big role in your personal script for healthy aging.

That’s because optimal functioning of your immune system — your personal immunity — is crucial to keep your body healthy and vital . . .

Crucial to maintaining energy, mental clarity, and the active lifestyle you want and deserve . . .

In your personal Immunity Challenge, you don’t have to compete with other people.

However, you do have some very strong opponents. So by the time you hit middle age, you really do face quite a challenge.

You Must Outwit and Outsmart the 7 Life Challenges
That Work Against You

These nasty triggers are the ones that work against your optimal immune health.

So today, you will discover the truth about these 7 Immunity Challenges you face, and see how they become particularly important as you hit age 40, 50, or beyond.

The good news is that, once you understand what you’re up against, you will be well-equipped to outwit and outsmart the obstacles that stand in your way.

In fact, when you read this letter to the end, you will see 5 simple strategies to help you win your personal Immunity Challenge.

We’ll get to that shortly, but first I want you to understand what’s at stake . . .

Because, after all, when you don’t feel 100% up to snuff, life just isn’t much fun, is it?

Who can afford the “down time” when your immune system goes under attack?

After all, you’ve got things to do . . .

Places to go . . .

People to see . . .

And, of course, responsibilities that need your attention.

And remember, you are not just playing a role on a TV show. This “show” is your real life.

And YOU play the leading role — YOU are the star of your own show. So let’s get down to business and look at . . .

The 7 ‘Immunity Challenge’ Factors You Face

The first one is a huge hurdle . . .


You probably didn’t know this until today, but as you age, your immune health changes — and not in a good way.

In fact, by the time you hit mid-life — by your 40s or 50s — a number of your key immune functions become reduced or altered.

Your bone marrow produces fewer stem cells to develop into immune-enhancing cells . . .

The thymus gland between your lungs shrinks, further reducing your supply of immune T cells . . .

The aging process also causes worn-out immune cells to accumulate, leading to an imbalanced inflammatory response . . .

And you have fewer natural killer cells to protect your health . . .

That’s why, in your 50s or even your 40s, the following information is crucial to help you overcome the challenges to your immunity.

Of course, you cannot change your age.

However, you can take steps to help diminish its effects on your immune health.


With our hectic schedules, responsibilities, and problems, stress constantly invades our daily lives.

Unfortunately, research demonstrates that chronic stress upsets the balance of your immune function. Studies show that continued stress reduces the number of immune T cells and killer cells, and promotes a pro-inflammatory response.


Perhaps you’re not getting enough sleep — or enough good quality sleep.

Maybe you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep . . .

Or you (or your bed partner) snore . . .

Perhaps you have to get up at night to use the bathroom, interrupting your high-quality REM sleep . . .

If you face any of these challenges, your immune health may suffer.


Let’s face it . . .

Very few of us can boast about having an ideal diet. Processed foods, junk foods, too much sugar, not enough fruits and vegetables — the list goes on . . .

Unfortunately, poor nutrition can reduce immune function at any age — but is particularly crucial for those of us over 40.


Because of those poor eating habits, it’s very difficult to maintain an ideal weight. This is especially true as we get older (and for women, especially after menopause).

As you carry around excess weight, this can significantly decrease your immune function.


Researchers theorize that exercise positively affects your antibodies and immune cells, slows down the release of stress-related hormones, and helps flush bacteria out of the airways and lungs.

Unfortunately, these days everyone is so busy that exercise often takes a back seat.

So a lack of exercise is yet another factor that can contribute to a downward trend in your immune health.


Your overworked immune system must also cope with the effects of problems in the environment.

This includes pollution, toxins, and even people you interact with daily.

That’s a lot of culprits to upset your immune function . . .

I think you’ll agree with me that if your immune system could talk right now, it would probably . . .


So by now you can realize that . . .

Your Hard-Working Immune System Is Crying Out for Support to Face All These Immunity Challenges — Particularly as You Age

But your immune system is complicated — it’s an entire network of cells, tissues, and organs working as a team to protect you from potential hazards . . .

About Dr. Brownstein

David Brownstein, M.D. believes holistic medicine will be THE medicine of the 21st century. He is Chief of the Center for Holistic Medicine in Bloomfield, Michigan. A board-certified family physician and one of the foremost holistic practitioners in America. He has had great success in resolving numerous medical disorders, including arthritis, thyroid disease, chronic fatigue, hormone imbalance, diabetes, and many others. Dr. Brownstein is the author of 11 health books, and editor of the popular monthly newsletter Natural Way to Health.

Fortunately, we now have support for this very complicated system.

Dr. David Brownstein started searching for a solution after noticing how the seven factors you just saw disrupted his patients’ lifestyles, activity levels, and even their overall health.

And while Dr. Brownstein is a traditionally-trained medical doctor, he “saw the light” early on in his career.

That’s when he turned his focus to natural solutions for better health.

David Brownstein, M.D. is now one of the foremost holistic medical practitioners in America.

He runs his own family medical clinic while teaching other doctors — and the public —about his success using natural treatments and nutritional therapies.

Dr. Brownstein has written 11 health books. He’s also medical editor of the popular monthly newsletter Natural Way to Health, which now has over 50,000 subscribers.

And he has already had great success in curing numerous health concerns related to the thyroid, prostate, joints, hormones, and other body systems . . .

So he used his skills and experience to uncover the best natural ways to support immune health in his patients — and now you can take advantage of his success.

The Simple 5-Step Plan to Overcome Your
Personal Immunity Challenge

This easy-to-follow plan is particularly helpful if you are 40, 50, or even older.

STEP ONE — Make a decision to manage your stress level better.

As you’ve seen, chronic, long-term stress can upset the balance of immune inflammatory responses.

That’s why it’s important to maintain healthy relationships and avoid social isolation. You can learn some simple relaxation techniques or sign up for a yoga class. And don’t forget to seek professional help for any life-impacting emotional issues.

STEP TWO — Get enough uninterrupted sleep.

Good sleep enhances your body’s ability to create an appropriate immune response. Most experts recommend seven to nine hours per night of high-quality sleep for adults.

Make your bedroom conducive to sleep, don’t drink caffeinated beverages later in the day, and deal with any snoring issues.

STEP THREE — Start or maintain a solid exercise program.

You know you need to get moving and keep moving!

So make your exercise regimen one you enjoy — one you will want to stick with regularly. Your immune system will love you for it (and so will the rest of your body).

STEP FOUR — Eat better and maintain an optimal weight.

Excess body fat, particularly belly fat, triggers the production of pro-inflammatory immune cells, which circulate in the blood and promote inflammation in our bodies.

On the other hand, maintaining an optimal weight with proper diet and exercise can help support healthy immune function.

Dietary factors play a critical role in immune health. It’s important for you to eat plenty of phytonutrient- and antioxidant-rich foods. These include dark leafy greens, tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, berries, and other colorful fruits.

Unfortunately, Dr. Brownstein has found that many of his patients — even those over 40 or 50 — eat far too many fast or packaged foods and not enough fruits and vegetables.

That led him to search for a simple solution to help support immune health, which brings us to . . .

STEP FIVE — Take nutrients targeted specifically to benefit your immune health.

Dr. Brownstein dug deep into the research on immune health published in medical journals.

And he came across a number of key nutrients with documented immunity benefits.

He was a little surprised, and perhaps you will be, too . . .

Now, the first godsend for immune health Dr. Brownstein came across is called baker’s yeast.

Baker’s yeast is a “friendly” yeast that cooks have used for generations to make bread and other bakery products.

For well over a century, scientists have studied baker’s yeast as a source of naturally occurring compounds called beta glucans.

Their research has shown that these beta glucans help regulate the immune system to make it function more efficiently.

And as the result of more than $300 million in research and development — with leading universities and other research institutions . . .

Scientists and health researchers have now developed Wellmune®.

Wellmune Is a Natural and Unique Beta Glucan Derived
from a Proprietary Strain of Baker’s Yeast

This advanced nutritional product has been shown in clinical studies to safely boost key immune responses that help keep your body healthy.

Wellmune strengthens your body’s natural defenses by activating key immune cells — without over-stimulating your immune system.

This in turn supports your overall health and well-being as you age.

To put it simply:

Wellmune mobilizes the natural response of your immune cells to help protect against the harmful effects of physical, emotional, and lifestyle stress — plus, it helps you maintain energy and focus, too.

And Wellmune is backed by 9 double-blinded, placebo-controlled human clinical studies published or pending publication in peer-reviewed research journals.

This means other scientists have independently affirmed the credibility of the research and its conclusions.

Plus, for your peace of mind, Wellmune is patented, Generally Recognized As Safe (called GRAS) under U.S. FDA regulations, non-allergenic, and GMO-free.

So, to summarize . . .

  • By strengthening the function of key immune cells, Wellmune is an effective natural product for those concerned about health and healthy aging.
  • Plus, it is clinically proven safe for daily use so you can boost your immune system year-round.
  • And best of all, Wellmune begins to provide immune support within 1 to 2 days — and is safe and effective for people of all ages.

But that’s not all . . .

Wellmune Is Only One Piece of the Immune Health Puzzle

Dr. Brownstein didn’t stop there with his research into natural support for your immune system.

Dr. Brownstein
Pioneer in Holistic Medicine


While he did rely on Wellmune as the “flagship” ingredient in his new immune support formula Retamin®, that was just the beginning . . .

You see, doctor-developed Retamin is an advanced immune health “multi-tasker” developed to help you win your personal Immunity Challenge.

And yes — it contains an optimal 250 milligrams per daily serving of Wellmune.

However . . .

It also contains 8 additional ingredients — all specifically chosen by Dr. Brownstein to:

  • Help strengthen your immune cells
  • Promote immune system balance
  • Enhance your overall health and vitality
  • And help protect against the harmful effects of stress

Because you made the effort to educate yourself by reading this presentation . . .

You’re going to have the opportunity to try Retamin for yourself for a full 30 days, so keep reading for more details on this special risk-free offer.

But first, remember how you heard that Wellmune was just the beginning?

Dr. Brownstein also discovered that a certain type of mushroom provides another source of immune-loving beta glucans.

Maitake Mushrooms Have Been Widely Researched for Their Positive Effects on the Immune System

As immune system modulators, beta glucans present in maitake increase immune defenses.

They do this by activating a key part of the immune system, enhancing the function of certain white blood cells known as macrophages and natural killer cells.

In the United States, maitake mushroom is known as “hen of the woods” because it grows in the shape of a fluffed chicken.

(Since these mushrooms are so prized, the location of wild maitake patches is often kept as a family secret passed down through generations.)

Fortunately, you don’t need to go looking through the woods . . .

For an extra source of beneficial beta glucans, Dr. Brownstein added 100 milligrams per daily serving of high-quality maitake mushroom extract to Retamin.

And Dr. Brownstein didn’t stop there.

Retamin Contains a Nutrient that
Actually Dates Back to Biblical Times

In the Bible, the olive tree is known as the “tree of life.” I’m sure you’ve heard of the heart-healthy Mediterranean diet, which focuses on the natural benefits of olives and olive oil.

Scientists have isolated a unique molecule known as oleuropein — a potent polyphenol antioxidant. It actually comes from the leaf of the olive tree.

Olive leaf extract inhibits DNA damage from oxidative stress. This helps balance the inflammatory process, which is necessary for optimal immune function.

So Dr. Brownstein added 200 milligrams per daily serving of olive leaf extract to Retamin.

Listen — before you hear about the other 6 ingredients in Retamin, there’s something you need to know . . .

Dr. Brownstein is so confident that Retamin will help optimize your immune system health . . .

He was able to make special arrangements with the supplier, Medix Select.

With this special offer, they’ve agreed to send you a 30-day trial supply at no charge. You merely cover a small $4.95 shipping fee.

This way you can try out Retamin for yourself. And your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

And as a bonus for taking the time to read this presentation today, you will also receive a FREE bonus gift.

We’ll send you a FREE copy of A Doctor’s Guide to a Healthy Immune System, a $20.00 value.

In your Doctor’s Guide to a Healthy Immune System, you will discover much more in-depth information about immunity and healthy aging.

Plus, you will see what happens if your immune system goes haywire — and how to boost your personal immune function.

Claim Your Own 30-Day Trial Supply of Retamin
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But what about those other 6 ingredients Dr. Brownstein added to Retamin?

Well, I’m sure you know that taking separate nutrients can get quite expensive.

That’s another reason Dr. Brownstein decided to create a multi-ingredient formula with 9 hard-working ingredients in one single capsule — it’s much more affordable . . .

So in Retamin, you’ll also find:

  • Zinc — A Trace Element Critical to Immune Function

Researchers believe zinc helps maintain healthy thymus function in aging individuals. As you’ve seen, the thymus gland is important in immune health.

And unfortunately, older folks often get less than 50% of the recommended daily allowance of zinc.

  • Three Immune Health Superstars — The Antioxidant Vitamins A, C, and E

These 3 superstar vitamins play key roles in your immunity and in your body’s antioxidant defense system.

Vitamins C and E also help maintain a balanced inflammatory response, crucial for optimal immune function.

  • Vitamin D — The ‘Sunshine’ Vitamin

Among its other functions, vitamin D helps stimulate immune cell production and the secretion of important compounds called immunoglobulins.

Unfortunately, according to the National Institutes of Health, older adults are at increased risk of developing vitamin D insufficiency.

Not only do they eat fewer vitamin D-containing foods, but older individuals also spend less time outdoors in the sun. Additionally, the aging process reduces the body’s ability to produce vitamin D internally via sun exposure.

  • Astragalus — the Traditional Chinese Herb

Retamin also contains the herb astragalus, which has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years.

Astragalus is considered an adaptogen. This means it helps protect the body against various stresses — physical, mental, and emotional.

With its antioxidant properties, emerging research suggests that astragalus helps protect, support, and gently stimulate the immune system.

So now that you know how to succeed with your own personal Immunity Challenge — you just have one simple step to take . . .

Click the link below to claim your own risk-free 30-day supply of this natural solution with an ideal combination of proven nutrients in one hard-working formula.

Retamin with Wellmune:

  • Has been shown to strengthen your immune defenses to help you stay healthy — even during times of stress . . .
  • Mobilizes the natural responses of your key immune cells to help you maintain mental clarity and focus . . .
  • Helps foster energy and reduce fatigue by enhancing your critical immune responses . . .
  • Boosts your immune performance to help you stay well without over-stimulating your immune system . . .
  • Even speeds your immune system’s recovery to help you stay well after vigorous exercise . . .

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Dr. Brownstein uses Retamin himself — and recommends it to his own patients to support and maintain good immune health.

If you’ve read this far, I know you are seriously interested in healthy aging.

You probably have a bucket list with many things you still want to do, places you want to go, and people you want to share your life and love with.

Fortunately, you are ready to win your personal Immunity Challenge. You now have the tools you need to outwit and outsmart the obstacles facing your immunity, even as you grow older.

Just click the link below for your own personal risk-free 30-day trial supply of the advanced immune support formula Retamin with Wellmune and 8 additional ingredients.

And don’t forget, you will also receive A Doctor’s Guide to a Healthy Immune System, a $20 value. This FREE Special Report from Dr. Brownstein will give you even more details about keeping your immune health in top shape.

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Dr. Brownstein
Pioneer in Holistic Medicine


Yours in Health,

Julie Scarborough, DMH
Health Director, Medix Select

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